An Open Letter to Legislators Again Contemplating Repeal of the ACA

Dear Sir,  
‪By now, half of America has called their elected representatives, twice, to plead with them not to repeal the ACA. By all accounts, the calls are astronomically against repeal; people are overwhelmingly not in favor.

So then, what’s the GOP’s logic here, keep trying until attrition provides the appearance of a mandate?

I know I’ve heard from thousands of my constituents, at a ratio of 20 to 1 ratio against, imploring me, for the love of everything holy, not to vote to repeal, but the phones are quieter this week of our 5th attempt to repeal, so I guess everyone has changed their minds. It’s okay now—the people have had their chance to be heard and they didn’t call back a third, fourth, fifth time with the same message, they must not care anymore—so I’m going to go ahead and vote to repeal.” — Douchebags

Look. It’s down to this. Repeal the fucking thing,  you garbage pieces of shit. Quit fucking pretending you represent anyone except the moneyed interests that fund your campaigns, or the billionaire libertarian cabal, whose political philosophy just happens to work out quite well for billionaire libertarians (and literally no one else)—funny how that works.
Drop the pretense. The people HAVE spoken. They overwhelmingly don’t want repeal. Turns out, when properly informed, people prefer having health care over not having it. Shocker. Maybe those 7 years of partisan slurs and gross mischaracterizations all to deny the black president a “win” have backfired. Maybe spending the better part of a decade whipping people into a frenzy based on false and misleading information wasn’t the best use of your time. 

The first several times this year you’ve tried to take away a program people genuinely benefitted from had the unintended consequence of educating people about health care enough for them to have a better idea what they actually want or need. It also revealed that you’ve been lying to them for years, while doing little else to help their lives.

The fact is, the people HAVE spoken. You just couldn’t give a shit. That’s why you and your buddies have been conniving behind the scenes these past weeks to take yet another run at repealing a health care law that the public does not want repealed.

So quit pretending you care and repeal the fucking law. See you in 2018, but whatever. At this point, driving people to stop living their lives and pick up the phone again, steel themselves to do something outside their comfort zone and speak articulately to strangers about politics and policy AGAIN, when it has become so utterly and painfully obvious you’d like very much not to listen or hear, is just cruel. After all that people have done over these past months to stop you from doing what you’re so intent upon doing—it’s just cruel.

So just get it over with. You’re dead set on doing whatever the fuck you’re going to do, with or without public support, so get on with it. Just drop the pretense that telephone calls from constituents matter or that they change your mind about anything, or else admit that you have the shortest-fucking-term memory of any bi-pedal creature alive. Are you really going to sit there and pretend you’ve already forgotten the last two or three times people called, desperately imploring? Please.

Of course you haven’t. You—you garbage legislator, you fucking traitor to your constituents—you just want the political cover of the pretense of having allowed for public comment. Then, after the 2nd, 3rd or 4th pass at repeal, when people have stopped calling with the same intensity and passion, and have instead collapsed on the floor in a heap, metaphorically sobbing in frustration, then you can absolve whatever shred of your conscience remains, gulp your amnesia cocktail and vote to fuck over 28 million Americans.

Just do me one favor while you do, would you please?

Go fuck yourselves.

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