The Day Democracy Fell – Part II: The GOP Obscenity

          On Wednesday, May 10, 2017, democracy fell in the United States. Into what exactly, well, that's not entirely clear. But then, that's much the way these things go, I understand. In any event, our chosen form of government crossed over a line, and we are presently somewhere along the spectrum heading down towards … Continue reading The Day Democracy Fell – Part II: The GOP Obscenity

The Descent Accelerates…

The news re the dismissal of DNI Maguire is rife with all the usual themes: Russia, loyal stooges, narcissistic rage, the “deep state,” etc., but also one key meta-theme: Trump’s attempt to use state powers to assert control over your reality. This is part of the full realization of Trump’s idealized self—Trump the Magnificent, using … Continue reading The Descent Accelerates…

America is Broken

On the subject of guns, America is broken. Our national gun debate is in shambles. In the immediate aftermath of the horrific Parkland shooting, I tuned out. After gathering a sketch outline of the details, I logged off Twitter, turned off the TV news and skipped past any news articles during my daily scan of … Continue reading America is Broken

The GSA Emails and the One Thing Liars All Have In Common

In the practice of law, determining who is lying and who is telling the truth is of critical importance in a variety of contexts. Let's begin with client intake. An ethical plaintiff's lawyer needs to be vigilant in new client intake to weed out those people who seek to use the legal system as a … Continue reading The GSA Emails and the One Thing Liars All Have In Common

The Precipice

  Donald Trump is “convinced” that Robert Mueller’s investigation is a plot to delegitimize him only to the extent that he needs to be convinced, as a matter of self-preservation. Trump needs the investigation to be a partisan hit job intent on delegitimizing him or else he’ll be forced to face damning truths about his … Continue reading The Precipice

Meet The New Boss

...Same as the old boss. President Trump has seemingly stumbled across the obvious of late, raising the possibility that life in these United States might become slightly less terrible in the days ahead. Right about now, slightly less terrible would be a significant upgrade. It should not be discouraged. Trump's recent discovery of bipartisan cooperation—the … Continue reading Meet The New Boss

Knock Knock

A seemingly underreported aspect of the FBI 's July 26 pre-dawn raid on Paul Manafort's home centers on the warrant that authorized it. It had been rumored that Manafort had been cooperating with the Mueller investigation, rumors fueled largely by statements from Manafort's legal team. The pre-dawn raid put an end to that narrative. Cooperating … Continue reading Knock Knock

Post-Postscript and the Coming War for Free and Fair Elections

One final comment: You'll note I did not mention what government I thought we're living in, if Democracy did indeed fall in May as I've posited. If not democracy, Rousseau, then what? My omission was deliberate; the answer is: I don't know. It's neither yet an autocracy nor an authoritarian state in any of it's … Continue reading Post-Postscript and the Coming War for Free and Fair Elections

Democracy Fell – Postscript

I've not taken to the keys here since my bleak pronouncement in May that democracy fell that month in these United States.  I've not done so for several reasons, not the least of which is that I was half-hoping events would force me to write a retraction. Alas. Scanning the political landscape and national news … Continue reading Democracy Fell – Postscript