Pardon, the Interruption

Late yesterday afternoon, soon-to-be ex-President-Trump announced a rash of new presidential pardons, fifteen in all, for a rogues' gallery of miscreants, war criminals and corrupt public servants. As a group, they are believed to be only the first in a series of pardons yet to be handed down before Trump's departure (one way or the … Continue reading Pardon, the Interruption

Knock Knock

A seemingly underreported aspect of the FBI 's July 26 pre-dawn raid on Paul Manafort's home centers on the warrant that authorized it. It had been rumored that Manafort had been cooperating with the Mueller investigation, rumors fueled largely by statements from Manafort's legal team. The pre-dawn raid put an end to that narrative. Cooperating … Continue reading Knock Knock

A Backstory re Credentials In 16 Tweets [Twitter Thread]

[Thread] A backstory re credentials in 16 tweets — Atticus West (@AtticusWest) May 1, 2017 1. I’m not a journalist or a political scientist. I formally studied neither discipline. — Atticus West (@AtticusWest) May 1, 2017 2. I have degrees in philosophy and law. I am accordingly qualified to go fuck myself and very little … Continue reading A Backstory re Credentials In 16 Tweets [Twitter Thread]