State of the Union – A Tweet Storm

Part I - The Trio of Terribles In Trump, corruption and incompetence merge with malevolent intent to appear as some grand design. A trio of terribles, ravaging in synch. 1/ Part of this troika is illusory, though. Most of it. It is not all some masterminded grand design. Much is simply chaos pulling in synch. … Continue reading State of the Union – A Tweet Storm

The Concept of The Other

It's time to talk again about the 'Other.' The Other, as a tool employed to facilitate an authoritarian's rise to power. It's the 'them' in Us vs. Them. The Other. Because there's always an other. The notion is┬ástraight out of the Autocrat's Handbook. It's Authoritarianism 101. And it's useful for us - those of us … Continue reading The Concept of The Other