State of the Union – A Tweet Storm

Part I – The Trio of Terribles

In Trump, corruption and incompetence merge with malevolent intent to appear as some grand design. A trio of terribles, ravaging in synch. 1/

Part of this troika is illusory, though. Most of it. It is not all some masterminded grand design. Much is simply chaos pulling in synch. 2/

Synchronized chaos is not sustainable. The crash and burn, though, can still wreak major havoc and destruction. 3/

That fact – that chaos cannot sustain – is one of the best remaining hopes. 4/

When not working in unison, the troika will accelerate this all towards self-destruction. Implosion. 5/

Given the GOP’s continued recalcitrance and the successive failures of our other institutions, Implosion appears to be our last best hope. 6/

We cannot hope for sua sponte impeachment, the emoluments clause, or the 25th Amendment. 7/

If the Russian scandal blows up further – if other evidence surfaces (in time) – that should be enough. We know there’s more to that story. 8/

If the Russia story breaks open, people will rise up. The GOP will be forced to set down the keys to the candy store and act. 9/

Since the inauguration, it has been a foot race between implosion and autocracy. Impeachment isn’t even yet in the starting blocks. 10/

Here’s to implosion. 11/

Part II – Contributing Factors

Trump himself is ever a moron. The biggest threat from him personally is his authoritarian dreams and poor impulse control. 12/

Backed into a corner, he has in his hands the power to literally destroy the world, or plunge us all into dark chaos. 13/

Meanwhile, he has surrounded himself by a rogue’s gallery of ppl history will record as evil, malignant with black intentions. 14/

To the extent they control him or steer him, they pose their own greater risk.  15/

They have black souls, and are driven and disciplined. 16/

If you have any doubts, watch video of Stephen Miller. The guy is but a foot soldier. But eager, fervent and utterly soulless. 17/

Bannon and some of the others behind the scenes – they are committed, smart and driven and they do not have America’s interests at heart. 18/

To the black-hearted and malevolently corrupt, America is just something to be exploited for their own obscene wealth and power. 19/

The only thing keeping them in check is Trump himself, and isn’t that a comforting thought? 20/

Trump’s randomness, his lack of focus, distractibility, ego, vindictiveness, all make him a wild card to those who seek to steer him. 21/

Part III – Enter Putin

Waiting in the wings or behind the scenes is Putin, with his own grand designs for western world dominance. 22/

Putin will use whatever unseen strings he holds in his hand to steer his American asset for the greater glory of Russia. 23/

Putin’s goals for an ascendant power of Russia do not coincide with America’s interests. 24/

So no, Mr. Trump, it wouldn’t ‘be great’ to get along with Russia. We won’t be singing Kumbaya in Russian while destroying ISIS together. 25/

America is simply a tool for Putin in his quest to advance whatever aims he has in mind, certainly including a return as a world power. 26/

Those cards haven’t been played, and won’t if Trump is removed or implodes. Russia is playing the long game. 27/

Part IV – GOP Enablers

Also in this heady mix: the GOP’s own intent to gut social services (ACA, Medicare, etc.), presumably to reward wealthy donors. 28/

What else could it be? It’s not ideological, this election has shown us that much. The GOP doesn’t have an ideology or principles. 29/

Unless suppressing votes and gerrymandering their way to stay in power, by any and all other means is an ideology. 30/

So as if the fall of democracy and an unhinged president/pocket Putin asset is not enough, Ryan & Co. are coming for my healthcare. 31/

What a time to be alive! 32/

Part V – 7 Takeaways

1) The onslaught will not likely sustain. Madness, yes. But at some point it will start working against itself. It is already. 33/

2) Meanwhile, Donald Trump may yet plunge the world into nuclear holocaust. 34/

3) He’s going to continue to pursue attacks on minorities because he has surrounded himself with white supremacist and racist hate, and… 35/

…he needs the fear of the Other to fuel public support for a ‘strong leader’/autocracy. A fearful public is compliant, even willing. 36/

4) The attacks will come with a high price for real people, immigrants, Lady Liberty, and our standing in the eyes of the world. 37/

5) He’s going to unleash the GOP to destroy health care and whatever else because he needs them more than ever, b/c impeachable. 38/

6) Resistance will to require enormous effort, energy & commitment, including from those of us not generally inclined to politics. 39/

Resistance will require people to get educated, stay educated and remain alert. To listen and read between the lines. 40/

7) There yet remains hope. Shafts of light are poking through this maelstrom of horrible. Perseverance Furthers. – I Ching  41/

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